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  1. Shaw Cable
    I am stuck in frustrating conversations with SHAW Hamilton regarding a promotion I took advantage of in September, 2010. I do not have the promo code and am now being told the conditions are changing, including now being charged for a "free PVR". Here are the particulars as I remember - maybe...
  2. Shaw Direct Satellite
    Wow glad I found this forum. Now I know I'm not the only person in Canada who has these problems with Shaw. My main problem with this Shaw Direct is the guide over the past few years. I can't believe I'm still with them. Must me nuts! I have asked time and time again to Shaw when they would fix...
  3. Shaw Cable
    I'd love an alternative... Frequently I can't logon, the server takes so long to respond it times out, but shows as a logon error. I use Shaw for internet and have no issues with any slow downs during peak times, so my question, is it possible during peak times that all the bandwidth is being...
1-3 of 3 Results