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  1. Newbie with solution

    New Member Forum - Introductions
    Finally solved frustrating slow internet and freezing issues with Shaw DPC3825 modem and wanted to share. Purchased my own router, had Shaw put the DPC3825 in Bridge Mode - problem solved!
  2. Help Me Build A Better Phone Plan In BC

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    I have been looking at my phone/Internet plan and thinking there has to be a lower cost way to do this. My wife and I both run businesses from home and I have Internet, 2 business phone lines and a distinctive ring (used for home phone) with them. The cost is: Internet (25) $84.95 Business...
  3. Increased Shaw Go WiFi Speeds and In-Home Internet Upload Speeds

    Shaw High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Community document:
  4. CBS Interactive & Shaw Media Expand Canadian Partnership

    Industry News
    By expanding an exclusive relationship with CBS Interactive on May 7th, Shaw Media will now increase its online reach to over 10 million unique visitors each month. Shaw is helping advertisers target a wider audience with a more diverse network of online broadcast inventory. Joining
  5. Shaw Communications

    Industry News
    You forgot to mention that Shaw is now abusing it's power as a large mega conglormorate and is performing simsubs of American networks in areas it normally should not with Global because of its purchase of Canwest Global.
  6. Shaw increasing Extreme Internet service speeds

    Industry News
    Shaw Communications announced today that, over the next month, it will be increasing the upload and download speed of its Extreme Internet service. Speeds for it other internet service plans remain unchanged. Upload speeds will increase from 1 megabit per second (1 Mbps) to 2.5 Mbps while...