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  1. Rogers Cable TV
    I have the Rogers digital cable, and am wondering if I have to keep paying rent on their old STB or can I buy a STB of my own from eBay and use it with their cable connection?
  2. Industry News
    Rogers Cable in Ontario announced today enhanced search functionality on its cable set top boxes which have Quick Start Menu functionality. The new search lets customers look for shows airing in the next seven days by program title, keyword, actor, director, genre or channel name and number...
  3. Rogers Cable TV
    Ok here is a interesting tidbit, I am making this post public to spread Awareness. Had a Technician come over to check a problem we're experiencing with one of our set top boxes. The problem is the TV Call Display is not working on the High Def Box, but works on all the standard def boxes I...
1-3 of 3 Results