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  1. Rogers 2011 Programming and Packages Discussion

    Rogers Cable TV
    This thread is to discuss programming and packages available from Rogers in 2011. This is the thread to post in if you are investigating changing your programming on Rogers or investigating what is available on Rogers. This thread replaces the 2010 thread...
  2. Frequent Internet Connection Disruption???

    Rogers High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Hey folks, Been a long time Rogers HI-SPEED internet customer, but lately I've noticed my internet connection is dropping (a lot). I have what I consider, a somewhat vanilla setup (nothing too fancy by my judgement). I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 Bit). I've got a : - LinkSys...
  3. Which Manufacturer provides in-home HDTV repair service?

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    I want to buy a 40-42" LCD TV. I will have to borrow a vehicle just to buy the thing, and if it breaks then it will be a big hassle to take it in for service. Which manufacturers will send someone to my house to fix my LCD TV? If I buy an extended warranty (normally I wouldn't but I might in...
  4. 2 year StarChoice experience coming to an end

    Shaw Direct Satellite
    My 2 year StarChoice experience is coming to an end and it didn't have to be this way. It started with my moving to a new home and notifying SC a couple of weeks in advance. The installer did not show up the day he was supposed to. He did not phone either my home or cell numbers. He apparently...