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  1. Bell Fibe TV
    I have noticed that this season (2017-2018), I can no longer record hockey games on RDS or TSN as a series. I must select to record one game at a time by searching thru the guide and selecting record individually for each game; works but certainly not as convenient as before. So really, all...
  2. What's On Television?
    Is anybody else following Hemlock Grove on Netflix? After seeing the previews lately on regular TV, I decided to have a look. It is a strange program. I can say it took me at least 4 episodes to get into it. I guess their catch phrase "Every demons have a demon" holds true. What I like is...
  3. What's On Television?
    Jesse Wente came up with a list of the Top Ten Best TV Shows You've Never Seen for Q on CBC. 1/ Mad Men (A Channel & Bravo) 2/ Durham County (TMN, Movie Central & Global) 3/ Burn Notice (Super Channel) 4/ It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Showcase?) 5/ Spaced (Showcase) 9/ Battlestar...
1-3 of 3 Results