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  1. Bell Satellite TV
    I know this has been posted before in the sticky's with diagrams, but I still can't figure it out. Or put my head around it. I have a new Bell PVR 9241 and only 1 Dish with a dual LNB. (I believe it's a "single eye" LNB if I am saying correctly) I only have 1 line coming into the house and do...
  2. Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    A DPP44 switch will also give you four outputs however requires the lnb(s) to be DPP twin, DP singles, DP duals, DP twin or a DP quad. Just like the DP34 it only requires two lines into the switch to get 82 and 91. This switch just like the DPP twin allows you to use a DPP separator(s) for...
  3. Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    Another lnb is the DishPro Plus (DPP) twin. It has the switch built in just like the DP twin but has an added feature for dual tuner receivers. This lnb will allow you to run one line into a DPP separator which has two outputs which go into your dual tuner receiver. Typically the separator...
1-3 of 3 Results