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  1. Cogeco Arris TG1672 wireless security breach

    Using a Cogeco TiVO setup with the Arris TG1672 cable modem/router. Since installation a long time ago, I've had the Arris configured with both wireless channels disabled and SSID broadcast disabled. (Using my own Asus wireless router instead) This week I noticed that the two disabled channels...
  2. How to choose a security system company

    Home Automation and Security
    Hi, I would to start a discussion on how to choose an Alarm System Company. There are so many on the market so I'd like to know what are YOUR tips to select the provider.
  3. How does Bell Fibe (2013) work - Technology Discussion

    Bell Fibe TV
    I have just got Bell Fibe (TV+Internet+Phone) installed - replacing Rogers Cable. (I am normally keen to deep dive into any technology that I am using and thought of starting this thread. I do not want to duplicate information so if this is already being talked about elsewhere please let me...
  4. Canada Increasingly Being Targeted by Foreign Hackers

    Industry News
    Global security leader Websense found that foreign companies are increasingly setting up virtual bases in Canada to drive corporate espionage attacks. In its third Canadian Cybercrime Report Card, Websense said that malware hosting on Canadian websites increased 25 percent year-over-year...
  5. Wireless Clients on Modem

    Bell Aliant Home Phone, Internet, IPTV
    The Modem Home Network Map always seems to show an extra wireless device in addition to those we can identify (ed 2 laptops, smartphone, ipod etc.). It shows up with the lowest IP address by number. Is that evidence that someone has penetrated the security and is using the signal? Or is that a...
  6. Wi-Fi routers that include Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) vulnerable to attack

    Home Computing
    According to this article on Lifehacker all routers that include the new Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) are vulnerable to attack. Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS, is a new feature of some Wi-Fi routers to make adding devices to your network easier. Unfortunately it also makes your network vulnerable...
  7. Ten Tips for secure online shopping

    Industry News
    This holiday season many Canadians wanting to avoid the hassle of visiting crowded shopping malls will look to the web as a quick and easy to purchase gifts for friends and loved ones. Although the number of Canadians shopping online continues to grow, there are still many consumers who won't...
  8. Password and 123456 top the list of 25 most used passwords

    Industry News
    "Password" and "123456" top software firm SplashData's list of the 25 most commonly used passwords used on the Internet this year. Other common passwords include simple numerical choices like "123456," common names like "ashley" and "michael," and patterns based on the layout of the keyboard...
  9. iPad2 / iOS5 security defect

    Smartphone/Tablet (Android, Blackberry & iOS)
    This one is so simple it's shocking that Apple missed it in testing:
  10. Facebook profile access 'leaked' claims Symantec

    On the Web
    Access to hundreds of thousands of Facebook accounts may have accidentally been leaked because of a flaw in some applications. Security firm Symantec discovered that programs were inadvertently sharing access tokens which could be used by advertisers. It estimates that, as of last month...
  11. $1,800 Bill a cautionary tale for locking down your wireless network!

    Industry News
    A story this week in the Montreal Gazette told of a Videotron customer, Amber Hunter, who racked up huge Internet Bill because her wireless network was hacked. The newspaper reported that since August of last year, Hunter was billed more than $1,800 by Videotron because her internet usage...
  12. Free Security software helps protect your Windows Computer

    Industry News
    Secunia, a European firm specializing in IT security, announced today the release of the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) 2.0. PSI, which is free for home use, is a user friendly security tool which helps homeowners identify and resolve security problems on their Windows PC. Digital...
  13. iPad users' email addresses exposed by AT&T

    Portable Electronics: Cameras/eBooks/iPods/GPS
    AT&T customers subject to security breach, Canadians not affected A security flaw at AT&T has allowed hackers to access the email addresses of thousands of iPad users in the U.S., AT&T has confirmed. The security breach affects at least 114,000 iPad users who are customers of AT&T's 3G...
  14. Bitdefender announces Anti-virus software for OS X

    Apple Computing
    BitDefender, makers of security software Windows computers, today announced the release antivirus software for Mac OS X users. Similar to its Window's products, BitDefender Antivirus for Mac has been developed to secure Mac computer systems from viruses and other malware threats. The company...
  15. Make your PayPal account more secure

    On the Web
    If you are a regular PayPal user but are concerned about the integrity of your account, then you may want to consider an extra layer of protection by using something called the PayPal security key. I use one of these keys and highly recommend them. For $5, it ensures that someone with your...
  16. Rogers Set Top Box Hacking Discussion

    Rogers Cable TV
    Rumour - confirmation needed please. Someone I know who is in Roger's Cable service area (Pickering, ON to be exact), claims that until about a month ago they were getting full-open Rogers HD for free using hacked equipment. They claim they paid ~$900 for the box?? I can't remember the actual...
  17. Telus Highspeed security - no 64 bit version

    Telus High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    A quick FYI for those out there with Telus ADSL... their current security suite (free with service) does not work on any of the new 64 bit PCs. I found this out the hard way when I was trying to install it last night on my new computer. The tech I spoke to said it wasn't available and he didn't...
  18. Protecting your laptop and data while travelling

    Home Computing
    According to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute and paid for by Dell, over 12,000 laptops a week are lost in the United States by business travelers. Some useful tips for the two out of three laptop users not currently protecting their laptop and its contents!
  19. Home Security Monitoring Services - Alternate Providers

    Home Automation and Security
    Our home security monitoring is currently provided by ADT. The system was installed by ADT but we are long out of the contract period. The annual invoice has arrived; $29.24 (+GST) per month. Sears HomeSecurity sends flyers regularly advertising "from $14.95". A friend has recommended The...
  20. Comodo introduces free internet security suite

    Windows Computing
    Comodo Security Solutions, Inc., makers of the excellent and free Commodo Firewall released two new security products this week for Windows users, Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Internet Security Pro.