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  1. TeenSafe Announces Launch In Canada

    Industry News
    Today, TeenSafe , the California-based maker of the leading iPhone, Android and tablet monitoring software for parents in the US, is announcing the official launch of its mobile and social monitoring service in Canada. Teensafe is a software solution that provides parents with the ability to...
  2. Allstream Joins Cloud Signalling Coalition to Boost Network Security

    Industry News
    Allstream has joined Arbor Networks Cloud Signaling Coalition (CSC) to help prevent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The CSC consists of service providers, data center operators and enterprises determined to keep their network infrastructure running 24X7 and speed...
  3. Canada's Cyber Security Strategy Gets $155M Boost

    Industry News
    The Federal government said it plans to strengthen Canada's efforts to achieve a secure, stable, and resilient digital infrastructure. Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews said: "Canadians and Canadian businesses want to know that the private information they entrust to government will stay...
  4. TELUS Adds Virtual Private Cloud Service

    Industry News
    TELUS has entered the cloud hosting arena with its new AgilIT Virtual Private Cloud service. AgilIT Virtual Private Cloud is a general-purpose IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) which allows Canadian businesses the flexibility to adjust their computing resources on demand, without the expense...
  5. Wireless N Security camera features infrared illumination

    Industry News
    For Digital Home owners concerned about what goes on around their house at night, D-Link has introduced its new Wireless N Day/Night Network Camera which can integrate into any wireless home network. Unlike traditional USB-connected webcams, the D-Link DCS-932L security camera features a...
  6. Free Security software helps protect your Windows Computer

    Industry News
    Secunia, a European firm specializing in IT security, announced today the release of the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) 2.0. PSI, which is free for home use, is a user friendly security tool which helps homeowners identify and resolve security problems on their Windows PC. Digital...
  7. Bitdefender releases anti-virus software for OS X

    Industry News
    BitDefender, makers of security software for Windows computers, today announced the release of anti-virus software for Mac OS X users. Similar to its Window's products, BitDefender Antivirus for Mac has been developed to secure Mac computer systems from viruses and other malware threats. The...
  8. Microsoft releases free security software

    Industry News
    Microsoft today released Microsoft Security Essentials Version 1.0, anti-virus and spyware protection software for computers running on the Windows operating system.  Security Essentials and all automatic updates will be free of charge and no registration is required. So why is the company...