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  1. Recording Hockey

    Telus IPTV (also known as Optik TV)
    ...another newbie question.:D Trying to set up Optik to record all Canucks games across various channels- Sportsnet, CBC, TSN, etc. It appears to me that there are only two options- Search (tedious), or record via guide (more tedious). The problem is that the Search function is only looking...
  2. iPhone 5 among Bing's top Canadian searches in 2011

    Industry News
    Bing, Microsoft’s web search engine today announced its Top 10 lists for the most searched people, news stories, celebrity events, and consumer electronics in 2011. Apparently the software giant is unaware that there is another month left in 2011 but why let a dose of reality spoil some fun...
  3. Rogers rolling out new Search Functionality

    Rogers Cable TV
    From Rogers site. The Search area of the Quick Start Menu now allows you to search for your favourite shows using a full onscreen keyboard. You can now search by: Program title Keyword Actor/Actress Director Genre Channel Name/Number The Search functionality will search among all TV content...
  4. Unable to search attachments in windows live mail 2011

    Windows Computing
    I am unable to search attachments in windows live mail 2011 using the windows 7 search. I am able to search the contents of emails but not the contents of attachments within the email. I have the indexing switched on the folder where the window live mail is storing the .eml files. I have the...
  5. Google says new search formula reduces the ranking of low quality sites

    Industry News
    In a Google Blog posting this week, the search giant has announced a major change to its search algorithms in the United States which the company says will affect about one out of every nine queries. Google says the change, which has been in the works for several months, is designed to reduce...
  6. Searching and navigating through the guide

    Bell Fibe TV
    I am new to Fibe TV and I had a question about the program search feature. I noticed that the search results are only showing me 2 days (today and tomorrow) of results. I was expecting the search to provide results for the next 14 days. Is there a setting I'm missing that would provide more...
  7. Google Search gets a new look

    Industry News
    On its official blog today, Google has announced that it has begun to roll-out several new features to its search results which the company says will assist searchers in refining their results. The first is the addition of a contextually relevant left-hand navigation to the page. The new side...
  8. MTS HD Themes/Interests Problems

    Has anyone switched to MTS HD service and noticed that you can no longer search by Themes or Interests? (like sports, movies, etc.). It seems pretty crappy that they removed this feature. All I want to do is see what movies are playing on my 250 (or whatever) freaking channels (yes I have 9...
  9. TiVo offers a New Way to Search & Discover Content

    Home Theatre Corner
    As CES today, TiVo unveiled a redesigned TiVo Search feature that it says offers users improved search results with a completely new High Definition design that is delivered via the internet. From press release