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  1. Rogers buys SCN and will launch CityTV Saskatchewan

    Industry News
    Rogers Communications this week announced its intent to acquire a 100 per cent stake in Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) and launch CityTV Saskatchewan. Originally created by the Saskatchewan government as a commercial free educational channel, the station was bought last year by...
  2. SCN Saskatchewan's Education Channel goes commercial

    Industry News
    Starting September 12th, the Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) has a new look, a new schedule and according to the station's owners, a new approach to broadcasting. Formerly owned by the Saskatchewan government, SCN will now air commercial-free educational and cultural programming early...
  3. Saskatchewan shutting down public broadcaster

    Industry News
    The Government of Saskatchewan has announced that it is shutting down SCN, Saskatchewan's publicly owned TV channel in May. The government says dissolution of SCN will save taxpayers $2.4 million in the 2010-11 budget year and $5 million per year after that. "The broadcast industry has changed...