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  1. Wind Mobile falsely advertising cell service areas?

    Wind Mobile
    Wind Mobile is deceiving new and existing customers by falsely advertising areas of cellular service, and provide poor quality customer service. We have gone back and forth with Wind Mobile about cellular coverage not working for our phone at our house as well as my father's work place in...
  2. Wave Shield: Valuable product or waste of money?

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    In this thread WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk , we had the owner of this company sign up and make claims about the dangers of wireless phones. Many which have not been proven or substantiated by peer reviewed studies. If you goto the Wave Shield site, the company claims...
  3. Experts warn of scams for Haitian relief

    Industry News
    Symantec today has begun warning people about a nasty "419" scam which is trying to take money from people who would like to donate funds for the people of Haiti. A "419" scam (aka "Nigeria scam" or "West African" scam) is a type of fraud named after an article of the Nigerian penal code under...
  4. BEWARE: The Independant Contractor tried to pull a fast one on me

    Rogers Cable TV
    Ok here is a interesting tidbit, I am making this post public to spread Awareness. Had a Technician come over to check a problem we're experiencing with one of our set top boxes. The problem is the TV Call Display is not working on the High Def Box, but works on all the standard def boxes I...