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  1. Antenna Research & Development
    I just built an SBGH that works great. I am in the DC suburbs, where I am getting every thing broadcast from DC, about 20 miles away. I was expecting the signal strengths to further improve after attaching a reflector, but they are either unchanged, or have deteriorated. What could I be doing...
  2. Antenna Research & Development
    If you build an original SBGH (to the dimensions shown at ) with a mesh reflector instead of a rod reflector: 1. How far behind the plane of the driven elements should the mesh reflector be placed? 2. Compared to the horizontal and vertical...
  3. Antenna Research & Development
    The Gray-Hoverman Single and Double Bay UHF Antennas This is the original Gray-Hoverman antenna, as refined from the original Hoverman designs by member Autofils. Generally most people will want to build one of these models. They provide exceptional performance across the entire...
1-3 of 3 Results