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  1. Antenna Research & Development
    I just built an SBGH that works great. I am in the DC suburbs, where I am getting every thing broadcast from DC, about 20 miles away. I was expecting the signal strengths to further improve after attaching a reflector, but they are either unchanged, or have deteriorated. What could I be doing...
  2. Antenna Research & Development
    If you build an original SBGH (to the dimensions shown at ) with a mesh reflector instead of a rod reflector: 1. How far behind the plane of the driven elements should the mesh reflector be placed? 2. Compared to the horizontal and vertical...
  3. Antenna Research & Development
    The Gray-Hoverman Single and Double Bay UHF AntennasThis is the original Gray-Hoverman antenna, as refined from the original Hoverman designs by member Autofils. Generally most people will want to build one of these models. They provide exceptional performance across the entire post-transitional...
1-3 of 3 Results