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  1. Canadian Television Industry / Channels and Providers

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    Since HDDTV is 'line of sight' many of us have lost our old analog channels whose signals found their way to our antenna (e.g. CBC, Global).
  2. CRTC demands will cost satellite TV subscribers millions of dollars

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    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) this week announced that it will be forcing Bell TV and Shaw Direct to add a slew of additional stations to their Direct-to-Home (DTH) subscription satellite television service. Under existing policy, Bell TV and Shaw Direct...
  3. Canada's Largest Digital Service Providers

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    Digital Home routinely receives updates from Canada's largest Video, Voice, data and wireless providers informing us how successful they have been in signing up new customers and pronouncing themselves the industry leader. Every quarter, we bring this information together and find out which...