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sandy bridge

  1. Industry News
    This week Apple released its updated line of iMac computers which feature Sandy Bridge quad-core processors from Intel and new AMD Radeon graphics processors. Apple says the new iMac's, which start at $1,199 in Canada and the United States, are up to 70 percent faster and new graphics deliver...
  2. Industry News
    Twelve days ago on January 31st, Intel announced it had discovered a problem with its Intel 6 Series Chipsets (codenamed Cougar Point) chipset which is expected to cause issues with about one in twenty computer systems powered by Intel's Second Generation Core i5 and Core i7 quad core (codenamed...
  3. Home Computing
    The Intel 6 Series chipset is used in computers with Intel's new second-generation core processors, code-named Sandy Bridge -- which started shipping January 9. Why its always good to wait a while!