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  1. Kick Back and Watch: The Best Big TVs of 2017

    Industry News
    Whether you’re watching the game or binging on Netflix, a TV with the best reviews is what you want. Big screens are where it’s at. The bigger the better. March is a great time to upgrade, what with spring cleaning taking place, (out with the old, in with the new), and tax refunds on the way. ...
  2. Samsung 4K HDR TVs, LG 4K HDR Monitors and Blackberry Phones Coming in 2017

    Industry News
    Looking for new devices? Check out CES- Las Vegas' giant tech show. Here are a few highlights: The giant annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is coming to Las Vegas January 5 th -8 th , 2017. From 3D printing to beauty tech, cyber security, wearables and robotics, the show...
  3. Samsung Ready to Launch 75-inch HDTV in Canada

    Industry News
    In the luxury television market, consumers will often tell you bigger is better. Manufacturers have taken note. Samsung Canada is introducing their largest, most advanced Smart LED HDTV on August 31st. The 75-inch ES9000, just .35 inches thin, fits with the bigger, thinner, smarter sets that...
  4. Future Shop Already Geared Up for Back to School

    Industry News
    As millions of students slam the books shut to celebrate a glorious summer vacation, Future Shop is ready to open up the cash registers when they return in September. Future Shop, which is the top stop for student laptops, has the computer models most in sync with the student lifestyle. Whether...
  5. Samsung Canada & Cineplex Launch Cineplex Store App

    Industry News
    The addition of a new Cineplex Store App will allow consumers to rent or purchase movies on select models of Samsung televisions, Blu-ray players and home theatre systems. With thousands of movie titles available, and no monthly subscription required, Samsung owners will only pay for the movies...