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  1. Industry News
    If you want to create a stir on board your next flight, why not rename your wireless device “Samsung Galaxy Note7_1097”?   For an unknown reason, that’s exactly what some wing-ding did on a recent Virgin America flight. According to a report put out by, when an inflight passenger...
  2. Industry News
    Samsung has announced that it is releasing a software update in response to the recent battery charging problem found in their latest smartphone. The company’s Galaxy Note 7 phone has been found to explode upon charging and has been recalled. Samsung has said they will issue replacement...
  3. Industry News
    Samsung has recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to an issue with the battery that has caused some devices to explode while charging. According to Bloomberg News, the company is issuing the recall on the smartphones which just hit the market two weeks ago, and put sales on hold in 10...
1-3 of 3 Results