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samsung evolution kit

  1. Settings for a SEK-3500 on UN65Hu8550

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    Well I bought this evolution kit for my 2014 un65hu8550 TV. Everything works except I lot my original settings prior to the upgrade. I had taken setting from the CNET website which was done with someone who knows how to do proper calibration. I know it isn't like a real calibration done with...
  2. 4K TVs Set to Take Off in Canada

    Industry News
    For those who love the true TV experience, even if it costs as much as a car, 4K might be the way to go. Jason Abrams, Director of Television Merchandising at Future Shop, at a recent home theatre expo, said the trend towards big screens and Smart TVs will continue and better content, with the...