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  1. Industry News
    Montreal based Stingray Digital announced this week a deal with Sony Music that would add the label's music video content to the Galaxie Music Videos on Demand service. The service is now available as part of the Rogers Video on demand (VOD) service and Rogers Online On demand (RODO) service...
  2. Rogers Cable TV
    Rogers has added the high definition version of TVO to its digital basic package in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). In the coming weeks, TVOHD channel 580 will also be added to the basic digital cable package in the rest of Ontario. In addition, the cable giant has announced that beginning...
  3. Industry News
    Rogers Communications announced this week it would make all 64 2010 FIFA World Cup matches available for viewing on its Rogers Video on demand service. With nearly two-thirds of tournament matches broadcast live from South Africa on CBC, Radio-Canada and Teletino during the Canadian workday...
  4. Antenna Research & Development
    I am still quite new to this home made antenna thing, and plan to put together some rendition of the DBGH. I plan to put it roof top. I have read the new user FAQ and a number of threads related to the GH and to my region. Lots of good info. My question is whether to use a wire mesh (such as...
  5. Rogers Cable TV
    FYI Mad Men Season 2 available in HD on Rogers on demand (free).:cool: Sorry if mentioned earlier but cant do a proper forum search on "Mad Men":rolleyes:
1-5 of 5 Results