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  1. Free to Air Satellite Television
    Hello: Maybe someone can help me out. I'm totally new. Here the problem. I've got a 1.9m motorize dish feeding a skystar-HD2, with a BSC-621 dual band LNB (5150,10750) I'm located in southern Ontario. For example I can receive on AMC-1 PBS 4091 V 14029, but nothing else tunes in. I would think...
  2. SiriusXM Satellite Radio
    Has anyone been experiencing degaded Sirius reception in Calgary since Sunday, March3, 2013?
  3. SiriusXM Satellite Radio
    Is anyone experiencing a degradation in reception in Calgary as of 04/14/2012? I have had my radio in the same position in my house for at least the last five years with no problems and full reception. On 04/14/2012 this all changed. A friend's radio is getting no signal at all.
  4. SiriusXM Satellite Radio
    Is there anyone else out there with this combination running in their car? My sirius is exhibiting the WIERDEST behaviour. Basically, every morning when I start the car, and turn on sirius, it plays as if it is an LP running at the wrong speed and/or very staticy, like an FM station not coming...
  5. Antenna Research & Development
    What is the best GH antenna for Cambridge, Ontario that I should build?
  6. Shaw Direct Satellite
    Edit by 57: The following post has important channel information for 2019. Why is SD being limited in areas south of Canada...
  7. OTA Station & Network Operational Status
    This is a question for folks who are tuned into CBC-HD OTA in the GTA. When there is HD programming on the CBC channel, do they also broadcast an SD DTV feed of the same thing on one of the subchannels?
  8. OTA Reception Results
    Results and general regional discussion are allowed in this thread, covering everywhere east of Oshawa through to Kingston and vicinity.
1-8 of 10 Results