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  1. Bell hikes ‘Bring Your Own Device’ cost

    Industry News
    Bell has announced that it will increase the cost of BYOD on its monthly plans to $45, up from the previous price of $40. The news comes on the heels of a similar announcement from Rogers last week. BYOD (buying a mobile device outright and activating it on a carrier’s service) had been...
  2. Report finds Canadians pay more for wireless phone service

    Industry News
    The New America Foundation, a nonprofit public policy institute out of Washington D.C., has issued a report that it says shows Canada and the United States have some of the highest wireless phone rates in the World. In the report, entitled "An International Comparison of Cell Phone Plans and...
  3. Rogers raising cable rates 5% on July 1st

    Industry News
    Rogers Cable has begun notifying customers that effective July 1st, it will be raising basic cable rates by 5%, from $29.99 to $31.49 per month. In addition, the company has raised many of its most popular cable packages by a similar percentages. Among the increases: Extended Basic increases...