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rate plans

  1. Canadians pay more for mobile service than other G7 nations: report

    Industry News
    by Christina Peden Canadians pay higher prices for mobile service compared to their international peers, a new report shows. The study, commissioned by Industry Canada and the CRTC, reveals that the heaviest users of mobile services — those that pay for voice, text and data — saw price...
  2. Roger big bill

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    I was just sent a bill from Rogers for $650.00. I am on a wireless plan for 30gig =$60.00. The over use charge is to be $10.00 per gig to a max of a $100.00. They say they have changed the max to $500.00 and did not tell me. I home school three kids and wireless is our only option. Not sure what...
  3. Solo Mobile now offering unlimited wireless plans

    Industry News
    In an effort to try and keep up with new wireless brands such as Wind Mobile, Public Mobile and Mobilicity, Bell Canada today announced that it's Solo discount wireless brand would now offer unlimited prepaid voice and data plans. The new plans are clearly an effort by Bell to stop the...
  4. Rumour: Koodo to change rate plans in July (confirmed)

    Telus Mobility, Public Mobile, and Koodo Wireless
    File this under, probably true but not yet confirmed Mobile Syrup says they have been given an internal document that says Koodo Mobile will be getting rid of their Serving Size 100 plans. They claim document says “Effective July 20 2009, Serving Size 100 will expire but don’t worry, customers...