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  1. What changes / improvements would you like to see for Rogers Digital Cable?

    Rogers Cable TV
    Some of the improvements I'd like to see in 2011 are an updated firmware for my HD box that will have: IPG updates such as a true 16x9 guide, with more screen space for tv listings a true 16x9 preview window in the guide instead of squishing widescreen content into a 4x3 preview box...
  2. Rogers Cable guide update fails to satisfy customers

    Industry News
    Rogers Cable today rolled out a minor revision to its Quickstart marketing menu after complaints from digital cable customers in Ontario. The update introduces a new menu option on Rogers set top boxes which allows users to change the order in which the QuickStart menu appears. Much to the...
  3. Rogers to change Quickstart menu after customer complaints

    Industry News
    Rogers Cable has informed Digital Home today that it plans to make changes to its new QuickStart Menu after a litany of complaints from subscribers. The new Rogers menu, which forced users to pass through a Rogers marketing screen before they could get to their electronic program guide, met...
  4. Rogers Cable customers upset about new Quickstart menu

    Industry News
    Rogers Cable last week began the roll-out of its Quickstart menu to Digital Cable customers in Ontario. The new menu, which Digital Home first told our readers about in November, is now spooling to select Rogers digital cables north and east of Toronto. Provided the company does not encounter...
  5. Rogers Cable rolling out new program guide in January

    Industry News
    Rogers Cable this week began informing select Digital Cable customers that its new Interactive Program Guide (IPG) called QuickStart will be rolled out next month. The new IPG will be provides more options and features than the existing guide including the ability to display what's on six...