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  1. Bell Fibe TV
    For over a year now, I have an intermittent issue where PVR recordings play back all pixelated and stuttering. Live TV doesn’t seem to have the pixelating problem - but of course, I’m rarely watching it at the time I’m recording. I have the VIP2262 PVR and 3 VIP2502 units on Home Hub 2000...
  2. Bell Fibe TV
    Bell Fibe HD PVR playback freezes sometimes. Has anyone else had this problem? It has been happening quite often - frequently with PBS Buffalo from which I record daily the BBC News and the PBS Newshour . But it has also happened on TVO and Vision.
  3. Rogers Cable TV: HD PVR Discussion
    This thread is designed to assist people wishing to add an eHDD to an 8300HD. Check out the links below: Note regarding the May 2011 Rogers firmware update: This firmware was supposedly to fix problems with the eHDD. Post your...
1-3 of 3 Results