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  1. Industry News
    The Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD is a high definition, two-tuner personal video recorder (DVR) that is currently being marketed by cable companies throughout North America including Rogers Cable and Videotron. The unit has been well received by Digital Home members and a common complaint...
  2. Rogers Cable - Atlantic Canada
    Hi, I've been reading threads on this site and others for about a week now regarding adding an external hard drive to Rogers' Motorola DCT6416 III. I can only find info regarding the Shaw DCT6416 boxes and Rogers SA8000 boxes, and threads saying that some providers have the eSATA ports locked...
  3. Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    On Sept 30th Shaw will be launching 3 new products. Pace Whistler: A dual tuner 160GB PVR with analogue tuner which will be available for rent in all markets (replacing Pace Aspen and Tahoe rentals) and available for purchase in non-all digital markets as the current model of PVR for sale...
1-3 of 3 Results