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  1. Industry News
    In Tokyo today, Sony announced that its next generation portable (NGP) gaming system will be in stores by the end of this year. The NGP will feature multi-touch 5-inch organic light emitting display (OLED) with 960-by-544 resolution, a multi-touch pad on the rear of the device, a front and rear...
  2. Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    Sony on Thursday provided a sneak peek at its next-generation portable gaming system, codenamed NGP, which will be the successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP). NGP will be in stores by the end of 2011, but Sony did not have details about an exact release date, pricing, or available...
  3. Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    Coming into the holiday season, X360 and PS3 are now neck-and-neck for the year. Microsoft has led the past few weeks since its summertime hardware refresh, and while the Sony Move has closed the gap, Microsoft still edged them out by 40k units this week. Wii, of course, remains the undisputed...
  4. Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    Sony announced today the North American release of NBA 09 The Inside available on the PS2 and PS3 computer entertainment systems, along with the PSP. NBA 09 The Inside provides fans with a comprehensive basketball game experience including NBA action in HD 1080p high definition, character...
  5. Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    edited from Sony press release issued on Wednesday
1-5 of 5 Results