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  1. There's a hair in my projector!!

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    I have an Optoma HD33 DLP 3D projector. While watching it the other day suddenly I noticed what appeared to be a hair suddenly appear! You can see it in the right most grey box in the image below. I checked the front lens but nothing there. The hair moves because of the internal fans so I...
  2. Ottawa (Orleans): JVC DLA-HD250 LCOS projector

    Items for Sale
    Selling my nearly-new, absolutely mint-condition JVC DLA-HD250 LCOS projector. I purchased it from an authorized retailer (Bleeker Stereo & TV) on June 26, 2012, and it currently has ~40 hours on the bulb. Includes a spare OEM bulb (*not* an aftermarket bulb). The warranty with JVC is...
  3. LG CF181D SXRD LCOS projector

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    Well I just jumped back into the world of front projection. I will be pairing this projector with a 106" Draper gray fixed frame screen. I am pretty excited. My last PJ was a DIY screen and an Infocus X1. So this is a BIG jump. I actually paid the same amount for both projectors to give you an...
  4. Conference Room setup

    Newcomers Forum
    I'm really not even sure if this is an appropriate forum to ask this but I'm kinda desperate so here goes: I have a presentation room I'm working on. In this room I need three screens. One for the computer in the back where I'll control the slideshow. One for the projector which is aimed at the...
  5. Problem aligning image on Panasonic PT-AX200u

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    Just got a PT-AX200u to replace my AE-300. My ceiling mount from the 300 wouldn't work, so I replaced it with a new Sonus universal mount. It seemingly hooks up nicely. The projector is connected to a Bell ExpressVu 9210 HD receiver via component cables. Exact same cable setup as the AE-300...
  6. Business Projector Recommendations

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    I often use a digital projector and laptop in meetings with clients to make presentations and document team decisions. I'm on my second projector (NEC LT155, 4.2 lb, 5 years old!) and it has been great, but lumen output is far short of current small footprint data projectors. I want to replace...