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  1. Shaw Cable
    This may have been asked before, and I did do a search ,but found nothing. I have a DCT 2000 set-top box, and when on the CBL function, with the original remote (Millenium4), it would turn the cable box and the TV on or off at the same time, without having to press the "TV" button to turn the...
  2. Bell Satellite TV PVR, HD PVR and HD Receivers
    I'm trying to program my 6100 to work with a LG VCR/DVD player. I understand that LG has the same codes as Zenith. I have programmed the remote with code 747 to operate the VCR, but when run through the setup to program the VCR to turn on automatically from the Program Guide, I receive the...
1-2 of 2 Results