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  1. Shaw Communications
    Is it possible to have TV via Telus and Internet via Shaw? We are moving into a new condo that has copper wiring which Telus says causes us to have to downgrade our service. Right now we have Optic Fiber - Telus 300 - and the tech said that we'd have to change to Optic but our internet speed...
  2. Rogers Cable TV
    This thread is to discuss programming and packages available from Rogers in 2011. This is the thread to post in if you are investigating changing your programming on Rogers or investigating what is available on Rogers. This thread replaces the 2010 thread...
  3. Portable Electronics: Cameras/eBooks/iPods/GPS
    After ripping through hundreds of cameras and reviews, I have come across only a few that seem half decent and even these have shown to have major problems. Thus I have become very hesitent on which camera to buy. I've come across a few Cameras. The Canon Gl1 Canon Gl2 Sony VX1000 Sony VX2000...
  4. Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    Has anyone tried the new TELUS PVR service. I am currently looking to buy 1-2 more PVRs. I will be waiting to see what TELUS offers in our area before buying them. My preference would be a better priced SHAW PVR, with a larger drive and/or more functions turned on. :)
  5. Shaw Cable
    Effective Jan 5th the price of a DCT will be going up. DCT 700: $78 self install will be going up to $98 self install $98 installed will be going up to $118 installed $2.95/month rental remains unchanged DCT 6200: $298 will be going up to $398 for a refurbished and $448 for new PVR: $498...
1-5 of 5 Results