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  1. Phones that work in the USA and Bell Canada

    Bell Mobility, Solo and Virgin Mobile
    Am a senior, do not have regular need for a mobile phone, except for the limited time we travel out of town or country by car. Driving Toronto to Florida. Kids insist we get a pre paid phone and pre paid talk SIM for our safety and contacting hotels. They suggested buying it in the US. Best Buy...
  2. Virgin Prepaid is not LTE-ready

    Bell Mobility, Solo and Virgin Mobile
    Just an FYI for anyone else in a similar situation to me... If you are on Virgin Mobile Prepaid and you subscribe to one of their data add-ons, you are limited to 3G. After several conversations with Virgin Support and having tried the simple things like reset and SIM card swaps, I finally go...
  3. Average Rogers Wireless customer spends $62 a month

    Industry News
    The average Rogers Wireless customer spent $62.02 a month on wireless services in the first quarter of 2010, down 1.9% from $63.23 in the fourth quarter of 2009 according to figures from Rogers recent financial statements. The average post-paid customer spent $72.14 per month with Rogers...
  4. Fido rumoured to be announcing new prepaid plans

    Industry News
    Moderators at HowardForums , a popular online community for Wireless phone users, announced yesterday that Fido, a division of Rogers Wireless, will be launching two new monthly prepaid plans on March 28th. The new plans, which requires the purchase of new Fido handset will be priced at $19...
  5. Virgin Mobile now offering prepaid mobile Internet

    Industry News
    Virgin Mobile said today it would begin offering Canadians mobile internet access without an annual contract or activation fee. Called Broadband2Go, the service lets users plug a USB internet stick into their laptop and connect to the Internet from almost anywhere in the country. To use the...