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  1. Shaw Gateway
    I'm copy / pasting this from a thread I started on Shaw's community forum to see if I can get more input. The thread is located here:
  2. Shaw Gateway
    I would like to hot swap my shaw portal from TV to TV, and having a power cable at each location would make this a lot easier in my setup. Does anyone know the cable type or best place to purchase? monoprice?
  3. Home Theatre Corner
    Hi All, Haven't been able to get a clear understanding on using an IR Repeater with a (Gateway) Portal, hopefully someone can chime in with their experience. My Portal has an awkward placement which makes it a royal pain to change channels when sitting on one side of the room. I was hoping...
  4. Industry News
    Shaw Cable today reduced the price of its Gateway Television system. Released this past summer, the Shaw Gateway is a digital set top box which connects to the coaxial cable coming into the home and then acts as a server or central hub to one or more portals throughout the home. Effective...
  5. Industry News
    In Calgary last week, without any fanfare, Shaw Cable launched the Shaw Gateway made by Arris which offers Shaw digital cable customers a Whole Home High Definition Personal Video Recording (HD PVR) solution. At the heart of the system is the Gateway, a digital set top box type device which...
  6. Shaw Gateway
    Gateway/Portal(s) have been updated to the new code version iS2, so please use the following NEW MAIN THREAD: Before you post there, please see this list of issues … … to avoid...
  7. Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    I am trying to get the Primus My Phone Portal and keep getting the following message. Anybody else having problems?
1-7 of 9 Results