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  1. Wind Mobile
    Wind Mobile is deceiving new and existing customers by falsely advertising areas of cellular service, and provide poor quality customer service. We have gone back and forth with Wind Mobile about cellular coverage not working for our phone at our house as well as my father's work place in...
  2. Bell Satellite TV
    Help! The video on most ExpressVu channels appears like a signal that is being blocked by bad weather (pixelated). On 'set-up' the signal quality shows as 92%. The line-of-sight for the dish doesn't appear to be obstructed, except by a little snow (which I hear can be improved by the use of...
  3. Shaw Cable
    Hi all. I ran a coax line out to my garage, but I can hardly see the signal at all. What is the best booster to buy for this. I am running SHAW by the way. Thanks for any help inadvacne.
1-3 of 3 Results