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  1. Rogers, Fido and Chatr Wireless
    I've been a Rogers wireless customer since they were called Rogers AT&T wireless (for almost 15 years). I have been on a shared plan with my wife since 2010. My contract is nearly up. We were under an old shared plan with no data (I used wifi) that gave us 2000 shared weekday minutes and...
  2. Telus Mobility, Public Mobile, and Koodo Wireless
    Hi. My Telus contract is up in a month and I'm looking at the iPhone 5. I keep reading that over time, it saves money to buy the phone up front rather than commit to a contract, which makes sense. I can afford to fork out $800+ for the device. What I can't tell is how much I'd pay Telus for...
  3. Bell Mobility, Solo and Virgin Mobile
    For Blackberry BIS users and Windows Mobile Smartphones. Minimum $30 voiceplan. Available until Aug 9/08
1-3 of 5 Results