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  1. Cogeco
    Hello I am a Cogeco Digital Cable TV customer in the Welland, ON area. Over the past week, I have been having real bad pixelation issues on just one of the HD channels I receive and that channel is ABC West(Seattle) HD channel 717. The pixelation is so bad that the channel does not come in. I...
  2. Bell Fibe TV
    Hi, Don't know if anyone can help out with this question, but here it goes. I been having problems with some of the SD Channels mostly between 280 and 298 the one that is most obvious is on Channel 294 Peachtree TV. It is very hard to explain what the problem is, I have been intouch with Bell...
  3. Rogers Cable TV: HD PVR Discussion
    This thread is for owners of the Rogers 8642 HD PVR to provide us with their feedback on the set top box and discuss its use with other owners. See the following post for a list of known issues: To discuss the new firmware/IPG...
1-3 of 3 Results