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phone line

  1. Shaw Home Phone and Buzzer

    Shaw High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Hi there, I currently got Shaw home phone, the Shaw guy didn't interconnect the Apt Buzzer and shaw line onto one line; as Telus had originally done. Currently I have 2 outlets; one from the Shaw phone terminal, and 1 outlet in the wall where there are 2 lines interconnected (telus[no longer in...
  2. 2 phone lines with PPV?

    Shaw Direct Satellite
    I have a question about PPV and the phone line. I have 2 phone lines in my house one is for personal and one is for business. Now only the personal line is on the account so would there be a problem if I connected a box to the other line and ordered PPV? Should I call and put the other number on...
  3. 9242 Shorting Out Phone Line (False Alarm - Plugged in incorrectly - See Post 7)

    Bell Satellite TV PVR, HD PVR and HD Receivers
    All my phones in the house were dead. Found this out when trying to send a fax. Apparently been dead for days. After much searching, finally unplugged the Bell box in the bedroom. The NEW 9242 shorts out all phones. The reciever is 2 weeks old. I know it didn't short them all out before...