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phasing lines

  1. Please comment on my new DBGH8n3 to optimize

    Antenna Research & Development
    Hello all, here are links to my latest build. It took me forever to finish and would like your opinion on a few things. Here is a link to my pics and tvfool radar:!AqktFiXxpEqYr16KwbOtLeiqq7c0 Here is my tvfool for G8V1R5...
  2. DBGHn3

    Antenna Research & Development
    Hello folks, I am currently building a DBGHn3, the one with 18dB gain on UHF and 12dB gain on VHF. All my 1/4 in aluminium for Narods and reflectors are cut, i also finished bending my 4 driven elements. I managed to do it all with the great info here and on various instructables. The one thing...
  3. Winegard HD769 design (phasing lines)

    Antenna Research & Development
    I'm revisiting my Winegard HD7696P antenna which has been stored away for several months. I'm curious about its design and a possible flaw (or perhaps it's due to my ignorance). After removing the balun cartridge, I used an ohmmeter to better understand how it's designed. On the UHF lines...