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  1. Global PC sales up 3.2% in third quarter

    Industry News
    Global sales of personal computers reached 91.8 million units in the third quarter of 2011, a 3.2 percent increase from the same period last year according to a recent report from Gartner. While the numbers were up over 2010, they were below Gartner's earlier projection for 5.1 percent growth...
  2. Global PC sales continue to slow

    Industry News
    Worldwide Sales of personal computers are expected reach 364 million units in 2011, up 3.8 percent from 2010 according to an updated forecast from the Gartner research firm. While the numbers are expected to be positive for the year, the estimates are much weaker than originally predicted. This...
  3. Worldwide Computer sales to reach 385 million in 2011

    Industry News
    Worldwide Sales of personal computers is expected reach 385 million units in 2011 according to updated forecast from the Gartner research firm. The firm projects sales will be up 9.3 percent for the year. This is slightly lower than Gartner's previous projection of 10.5 percent growth (387.8...
  4. Worldwide Computer sales drop in first quarter

    Industry News
    Worldwide s PC shipments totalled 84.3 million units in the first three months of 2011, a 1.1 percent decline from the first quarter of 2010, according to a recent report by Gartner. While the first quarter is typically a slow one for computer sales, the weak sales, especially among consumers...
  5. Global PC Sales top 350 million in 2010

    Industry News
    Worldwide PC shipments totalled 350.9 million units in 2010 according to preliminary data released this month by Gartner. The numbers include desktop and mobile computers, including mini-notebooks but not media tablet such as the iPad. Sales were up 13.8% over the 308.3 million units shipped in...