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  1. Downton Abbey Season 4

    What's On Television?
    'Downton Abbey' Season 4 to Premiere Sunday, January 5, 2014 on PBS Season four of PBS's hit Downton Abbey will premiere Sunday, January 5, 2014. PBS topper Paula Kerger announced the return date during PBS day at the TCAs. The show will debut in England several months earlier. Source.
  2. Independent Lens to air four acclaimed music documentaries

    Industry News
    The PBS series "Independent Lens," hosted by Maggie Gyllenhall, will begin the new year by rolling out four music documentarys that provide viewers and music enthusiasts with diverse perspectives on the art and business of modern music. Starting with a group of unexpected artists who inspire...
  3. Favourite 2nd-Tier DTV Networks from U.S. for their programming? (See Post #1)

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    A common question from newcomers to OTA is what the programming is like, as opposed to the usual technical questions. Here's a chance to answer that question from the perspective of Second Tier U.S. DTV networks. The First Tier DTV networks from the U.S. are NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and FOX. We are...
  4. Aspect ratio on SD digital channel? (PBS)

    What's On Television?
    I've noticed that some of the programming on channel 31 WNEDDT (most recently, an episode of Nova) is being transmitted in 16:9 but displayed in 4:3, cropping off the sides of the image. It's only been happening since the American channel went digital. Is there a setting on my Cogeco box that...
  5. QC - Montreal (Eastern areas), Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudi�re - OTA

    OTA Reception Results
    QC - Montreal (Eastern areas), Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière - OTA I just plugged in an OTA antenna I picked up this afternoon and picked up Mountain Lake PBS in HD at 88%. I haven't even mounted the darn thing just layed it on my sofa facing the window!!! I will mount it temporarily outside...