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  1. Question about Cogeco HD channel problems

    Hello, I have a Pace HD DC550D receiver for Cogeco and today I've had audio problems on the HD channels. It's like the audio would "skip"/cut out for like a second at a time. It's hard to explain. I don't notice any pixelation problems though. Back in early 2013, I had real bad pixelation on a...
  2. Two New Pace STBs Incoming - Pace Dallas DC550D (HD) Pace Tango TDC788D (HD-PVR)

    Developing, but it's been confirmed on BBR that Cogeco will be launching yet another pair of receivers later this month/early November. Pace Dallas DC550D (HD) Pace Tango TDC788D (HD-PVR) Not much else has been said as of yet :)
  3. hdmi port on Pace cable box possibly failing ??

    Rogers Cable TV
    I'm getting some odd random issues with my almost 2 year old Pace 551HD box since upgrading to my new 42" Vizio 60 hz lcd unit from my 32" westinghouse one. I've now tried 3 diffrent hdmi cables & on both the originaly shipped defective Vizio unit & on the new replacement one I am getting a...
  4. Do Pace HDPVRs have better video quality than older Motorolas?

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    I have a dual-tuner DCT6200 hdpvr. It's of course a bit older. Shaw signal quality has gotten worse and worse over time. I'm wondering if the modern Pace HDPVRs would provide any better image quality? I'm looking to switch to Telus Optik TV, but I called and they said they'd no longer sell...
  5. Shaw Cable updates firmware for Pace HD PVRs

    Industry News
    Without fanfare, Shaw Cable this morning began rolling out new firmware for the company's Pace Whistler and Tahoe high definition personal video recorders (HD PVR). The new firmware is loaded in the background onto customers HD PVRs and once the download is complete the device will...
  6. Current Trade Up values for older DCT's?

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows the current Trade Up values for older DCT's going to the new Pace HD Box ... I already have (2) DCT3416's and a "Shaw" PVR expander, but I want to trade a DCT2224 with S-Video for a Pace Summit DC758D. I found an old post (over 2 years ago) and wonder...
  7. Problem with video loop-through using Pace 551 HD terminal

    Help! I am trying to setup my home theater system using the loop-through function on the Videotron Pace 551 HD terminal. Currently, I have the audio loop-through working A-ok. The audio is setup as such: Digital out from DVD to digital IN on Pace 551, digital OUT from Pace to digital IN on...
  8. Upgrade to Pace Summit DCT758D or stick with Motorola 3416

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    Hey, just a newbie here with a question regarding the new Shaw Pace PVR with PVR expander package. If i currently have a Motorola 3416 should i upgrade to the newer Pace/PVR expander package? Or should i just stick with what i have already? My main reasons for wanting to upgrade were a faster...
  9. Shaw introduces new cable set top boxes

    Industry News
    Shaw Cable, Canada's second largest cable operator, last week began rolling out two digital cable set top boxes, the Pace Whistler and the Pace Summit. In addition, the company introduced the Shaw PVR Expander, a 1TB hard drive that can be attached to any existing Pace PVR for additional...
  10. Official Pace Whistler (TDC770D) thread.

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    This thread is for discussion of the Pace Whistler (DC758D). Firmware Release Notes FAQ: 1. How do I get into diagnostics? To get to those diagnostics, press the power button, then press the select button within two seconds. To leave, press the power button. 2. How can I format the eSATA...
  11. Pace Summit (DC758D) Release Note thread

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    Default Pace DC758D (aka Summit aka Baker) Release Notes Thread. My goal for this thread is make it a repository of release note summaries for Pace DC758D (a.k.a. Summit) firmware releases. I'd appreciate it if no questions were asked on this thread so that release note details can be quickly...
  12. New Pace/Shaw equipment launching Sept 30th

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    On Sept 30th Shaw will be launching 3 new products. Pace Whistler: A dual tuner 160GB PVR with analogue tuner which will be available for rent in all markets (replacing Pace Aspen and Tahoe rentals) and available for purchase in non-all digital markets as the current model of PVR for sale...
  13. Pace Aspen not receiving remote signals

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    Anyone heard of this? Suddenly my Pace PVR won't respond to remote control signals from my Shaw remote or from my Logitech Harmony remote. So, I think it must be the box. I tried the usual solution of unplugging and plugging back in the box. Didn't help. Functions on the front of the PVR work...
  14. Pace delivers first Sat/IPTV box in Europe

    Home Theatre Corner
    This press release caught my eye today. This is really what Bell and Star Choice need to consider. The IP connection allows progressive download of VOD whereby content is buffered onto the HDD. Thought I would post as it is likely to be of interest to folks here.
  15. Pace Aspen TDC776D to be introduced

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    Edit by 57: If you wish to discuss adding an external HDD to this unit, please use the following thread: Pace Aspen , an all digital HD PVR would be introduced in Calgary and Edmonton before the end of this month Price at $598 but till...
  16. Seagate "Storage Expander" Certified With Pace Set-Top Boxes

    Home Theatre Corner
    Seagate today announced that its Showcase DVR expander has been certified for compatibility with Pace cable set-top box digital video recorders (DVR). The Seagate Showcase DVR expander is available in 500GB and 1 Terabyte capacities, for up to 200 hours of additional HD movies or 1,000 hours of...
  17. Cogeco Cable FAQ for Current and Prospective Subscribers - See Post 1.

    The following FAQ covers common questions asked by both existing subscribers and prospective buyers. Hopefully I have covered the main questions your have on your mind. I plan to update this FAQ as more questions come up and as Cogeco updates its offerings :D If you have any suggestions, know...
  18. Pace 775 - Has Shaw stopped selling them? - (No, just short supply)

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    Received this note in my email over the weekend. I also read on the Pace Buyers thread that a CSR told a member the same thing. I have posted this in a separate thread in order to give potential buyers the heads up and to confirm or deny.
  19. Pace Tahoe (775D) HDPVR owners' thread

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    The word from a member is that the Pace Tahoe 775D launched today to a limited roll out of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, & Ontario. The intro price is $448 until May 31st and that next month non-all digital markets in AB and BC should get the Pace terminals in stock. If you bought one of these units...