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  1. Nextv Outage?

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    Anyone have any problems with Nextv today? First thing this a.m. it wouldn't recognize my roku as a subscriber and later it came back with only limited channels showing up. I called but no one there would answer the phone this morning. I posted something on their Facebook page asking about it...
  2. Cogeco - Cobourg Outages

    This is a message to start a thread about Outages for Cobourg / Port Hope Areas. Today, without any form of notice there was an interruption of service that affected not only my local node, but also the WHOLE of COBOURG and PORT HOPE. Has anyone else been disrupted by this terrible customer...
  3. FibreOP during Extended Power Outage

    Bell Aliant Home Phone, Internet, IPTV
    I looked for a somewhat current thread related to extended extended power outages, but did not find one so here we go. Many in Atlantic Canada just endured a two to 10 day power outage due to Post Tropical Storm Arthur. My power was out over a 10 day period, but my fibre line survived the...
  4. Aurora, ON cable outage - Wednesday 21st

    Rogers Cable TV
    As I hadn't seen it already posted, this is just an FYI about the complete cable outage in Aurora that lasted from about 3:15PM Wednesday until about 1:30AM today (Thursday). When I finally was able to reach a live person at Rogers last night at 11:45PM (having called in a couple of times prior...
  5. RIM begs forgiveness with free apps

    Industry News
    Research In Motion (RIM) today announced that it will offer Blackberry users a selection of smartphone applications to help ease the pain after a global service outage prevented users from emailing and texting for several days last week. Blackberry customers, which number over 70 million...
  6. Update: Satellite malfunction leaves Shaw Direct customers without most HD channels

    Industry News
    Beginning around 6:30 am Thursday morning, Shaw Direct customers began telling Digital Home that they were no longer able to receive numerous television channels, including most HD channels. The source of the problem is a malfunctioning geostationary communications satellites launched by...
  7. Blogger down and posts lost

    Industry News
    Blogger, Google's blogging and online publishing service, announced earlier this week that its blogging platform would go into read-only mode on Wednesday night at 10pm Pacific Time for some routine maintenance. Google said the shutdown would last about an hour, however, a day and a half later...