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  1. Android Tv box suggestion - Can you see PQ difference of 4k on 1080P tv?

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Hello, I have recently began looking into getting an Android TV box to cut the cord. All though I love Bell fibe, I am sick and tired of their constant price increases and having to call them on a regular basis to renegotiate their prices as they keep adjusting it up even after I just arrived...
  2. DAC Suggestions?

    Home Theatre Corner
    Hello all, I am hoping to get some suggestions on some different DACs. I currently have a pair of Alesis MKII Active monitors and I don't want to replace them. Up until now I was running the audio out from my various devices to a small Yamaha mixing console but the problem now is that almost...
  3. Galaxy and digital optical with DAC

    Bell Satellite TV PVR, HD PVR and HD Receivers
    I enjoy music and often listen to Galaxy on my Bell ExpressVu satellite. My non-HD PVR has a digital optical output. I have a decent amplifier and speakers. I am wondering if it would make any difference to the sound quality if i were to use the optical connection of the PVR to connect to...
  4. LG optical digital audio only works on some

    Home Theatre Corner
    I have a new LG 55LE5400; many of the features of this HD LED tv are great, but a audio output to feed a hearing aid loop is critical to me. I was prepared for not having an analog audio output by having a optical to analog converter box; now i find this box only works with some programming...
  5. Apple TV and Shaw HD

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    Paid for Apple TV combined with Netflix for Christmas. Thought it would be good entertainment for the family over the holidays. Not mentioned in the Apple TV ads is the fact that if your TV has just one HDMI socket you'll have to buy a splitter box. That'll cost you over a hundred bucks. The...
  6. Hooking up new TV to exisiting home theatre system

    Home Theatre Corner
    Hoping someone out there can help me out.... I have recently purchased a new TV and I'm having some audio hook-up problems.... I would like the sound from my new TV to broadcast through my existing home theatre system. My TV (LG model 42LE5300) only has an "optical digital audio out" output...
  7. Toshiba 40RV525R digital audio out question

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    it seems like the optical output on my tv is in 5.1 but the subwoofer only picks up the front left and right speakers, is anyone else experiencing this with their Toshiba 40RV525R? is there something i'm missing either on my tv or my amp? My set up is currently xbox 360 to Tv via HDMI, TV to...
  8. S350 not properly communicating with receiver

    Home Theatre Corner
    Hi everyone; Last night I picked up a Samsung PN50A530 and a Sony S350 and so far a love it. The only problem I have so far is with the audio from the Sony. Here's the deal: I have an older Denon receiver (5 yrs old +/-) which I have plugged the new Sony Blu-Ray S350 into with an optical...
  9. Optical Audio vs. HDMI Audio?

    A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    please Demystify the Mystified? Hello and Welcome to a Thread to discover if the optical connection is equal to that of HDMI. I have read in Some spots that HDMI can Transfer 8 discrete chanels of audio at 24bit/196KHz and Optical can't? has anybody the proof of this?