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  1. EastLink
    I rented "The Town" using OnDemand HD and it's in 4:3 format with black bars on the sides. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? The regular HD channels are in 16:9 but the OnDemand isn't. Thanks ahead of time for any answers.
  2. Bell Fibe TV
    From Bell's press release. Bell today announced that Bell Fibe TV customers now have anytime on-demand access to virtually all of CTV's primetime programming at no extra charge, ensuring they'll never miss an episode of Canada's #1 television line-up. It's also the first time that the majority...
  3. EastLink
    Last week we switch from havin themovie channles to having thesuper channels and the ondemand didn't work, i called Eastlink and told them, they told me they the ondemand wasn't launched yet, so a few days later i called and told them i wanted the movie channels back and get rid of the super...
  4. EastLink
    EastLink announced today the launch of WWE 24/7 to its Subscription OnDemand service. This service is an all-you-can-watch library of shows, available on a subscription basis for $9.95 per month. WWE features the world’s largest wrestling video library and showcases the biggest events...
1-4 of 4 Results