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  1. How to Get More TV in More Places as the Samsung Galaxy View With Bell Fibe TV App Comes to Canada

    Industry News
    Today Samsung Canada and Bell partnered together to launch Galaxy View, a smartscreen that enables portable TV and video entertainment anywhere in the home. As Samsung says it’s “designed to turn every room into a TV room”. The Galaxy View comes with an 18.4 inch Full HD touchscreen display...
  2. Bell Satellite On-Demand Discussions.

    Bell Satellite TV
    I've been pondering on that question for 2 week and can't figure out how it is possible. I have a friend that work for bell and can't answer it either. I know for a fact that satellite tv technology is unidirectional and that it’s also not possible for the satellite to just beam on demand movie...
  3. Bell TV updates HD PVR firmware

    Industry News
    Bell TV this week will begin rolling out new firmware for the company's 9241 and 9242 dual tuner HD PVRs which the company says will enable support for 2TB external hard drives and resolves the previous issue where some customers could not access interactive television applications. The...
  4. Bell TV set to launch "On Demand" Service

    Industry News
    Effective September 16th 2010, Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite television provider Bell TV is expected to launch "On Demand," a new video on demand type service. Complete details of how the system will work have still not been announced, however, Digital Home has learned that Bell TV customers...
  5. Bell TV Launching "On Demand" Service on Sept 16th

    Bell Satellite TV
    Effective September 16th 2010, Bell TV will be launching "On Demand" or Video on Demand service. Bell TV customers will be presented with a selection of newly released HD movie titles. Within this dedicated selection, the customer can choose any HD movie title for immediate playback. Upon...
  6. Rogers on demand online service now out of beta

    Industry News
    After a seven month beta phase, Rogers Cable announced today that its Rogers on demand online (RODO) service offering is no longer in beta. RODO is an online portal where Rogers Cable, Rogers Wireless and Rogers internet subscribers can watch video from various content providers such as Rogers...
  7. Rogers on Demand online fails to impress

    Industry News
    In late November, at a posh hotel in downtown Toronto, Rogers Cable unveiled Rogers on Demand Online (RODO) which the company in hyperbolic fashion claimed was the "Next Big Thing in Television" After it first launched, Rogers customers gave the service a resounding thumbs down with comments...
  8. What do you think of RODO (Rogers on Demand Online)?

    Rogers Cable TV
    A month ago, Rogers launched RODO (Rogers on Demand Online) with much fanfare. Today the company is touting the fact that 46,000 users have signed up (out of 2.3 million cable customers) and the site has served up 2 million page views. Interestingly discussions in our Rogers to announce the...
  9. OnDemand

    Last week we switch from havin themovie channles to having thesuper channels and the ondemand didn't work, i called Eastlink and told them, they told me they the ondemand wasn't launched yet, so a few days later i called and told them i wanted the movie channels back and get rid of the super...