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  1. Rogers, Fido and Chatr Wireless
    Rogers Wireless and Nokia today announced the Canadian availability of the stainless steel Nokia E71 Smartphone. The Nokia E71 smartphone is available from Rogers Wireless for $99.99 on three year voice and data activations with a minimum combined monthly service fee of $45 The company did not...
  2. Smartphone/Tablet (Android, Blackberry & iOS)
    Mobile phone maker Nokia has announced the Canadian launch of its new wireless services, the N-Gage mobile gaming service and Nokia Maps, on the Rogers Wireless Network.
  3. Smartphone/Tablet (Android, Blackberry & iOS)
    From CNET which also details more info about each phone. And the following is one bloggers take on the new offerings Nokia used to market its new phones as part of a "Revolution" of new devices that would change the cell phone industry and the world. Its latest offerings, the N79, N85, and...