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  1. Rename HomeHub 2000 wireless network?

    Bell Fibe TV
    Can I change the name/password that came on my new router to something else? I recently replaced my Fibe router/modem: a Home Hub 2000. It came with a network name and password printed on the label on the back of the device. Everything worked fine and my various wireless devices were easily...
  2. Samsung BD-C6500T Networking

    Home Theatre Corner
    Hi All: This is a new thread because I wanted to deliver new information not specifically discussed elsewhere in this forum. BTW, this unit plays DVDs and Blu-Ray discs like a dream. Really nice. But the wheels come off the wagon with NetFlix. I am getting some "rebuffering" delays while...
  3. Networking

    Telus IPTV (also known as Optik TV)
    Hi, This is my first post, I did some searching and couldn't find anything about this. I just had TelusTV installed (after a huge rigamarole) and I have a question about networking and the ethernet (network) jack on the back of the box. This is currently used on my main box as the input from the...
  4. Olympic communications network delivers record numbers

    Industry News
    Canadians are well aware of the tremendous achievements by our Olympic athletes but another impressive achievement is the telecommunications network put into place the Vancouver Olympic organization. The network delivered over 24,000 hours of broadcast coverage to more than three and a half...