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    Smartphone/Tablet (Android, Blackberry & iOS)
    This has been a runaround the last few days and I don't have many answers to show, and I really need help with a couple questions. I'm interested in the Redmi Note 4/4x Global version. The frequency check website I went to said the Redmi Note 4 doesn't support Bell frequencies but the Note 4x...
  2. Home Network and Multiple Switches

    Home Computing
    Hi, I am upgrading my home network as I have run out of ports on my Cisco SG100-24 unmanaged switch. I have purchased another SG100-24 which will give me the ports required. My question is how best to connect them. I am currently using the Rogers CGN3 (in bridged mode) to a Cisco RV320 router...
  3. Hopper and Joey

    Bell Satellite TV
    Dishnetwork is releasing the hopper and joey soon. I hope bell releases it soon too. Its amazing can record six hd shows at once and the joey can watch the shows in another room. Also comes with a 2tb hard drive.
  4. /A\ Network to be renamed CTV2

    Industry News
    Bell Media announced today that it will rename the /A\ network to CTV Two this fall. Bell says the rebranded network will broadcast in high definition to English Canadian viewers in Vancouver/Victoria, Toronto/Barrie, Ottawa, London, Windsor and Atlantic Canada. Bell also announced that in...
  5. Aliant VIP1200 STB conflict with wireless network

    Bell Aliant Home Phone, Internet, IPTV
    Hi folks, Strange new problem, possibly just a configuration issue, but possibly an Aliant STB issue. Looking to hear from anyone with ideas or with the same issue! My setup: I am using the Aliant Gigaset modem router as the gateway and DHCP server, and have extended the wireless network...
  6. Favourite 2nd-Tier DTV Networks from U.S. for their programming? (See Post #1)

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    A common question from newcomers to OTA is what the programming is like, as opposed to the usual technical questions. Here's a chance to answer that question from the perspective of Second Tier U.S. DTV networks. The First Tier DTV networks from the U.S. are NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and FOX. We are...
  7. Bell Network Upgrades (Pictures)

    Bell Mobility, Solo and Virgin Mobile
    I'd like to share some pictures I took yesterday which relate to the Bell/Telus network upgrades. It's not often we get such good views of this stuff! I've seen new antennas placed on Bell cell sites here (We don't have "Telus" sites here, they run off Bell's network) .. things are definitely...