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  1. Netflix User Interface Changed (Apple TV 4K)

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    Noticed a sidebar menu late tonight. Not sure what to think. I liked the old UI. Unrelated and confusing, the Apple TV App is suggesting hockey games on TSN and a few French and CITY tv series. Interesting. See Netflix's overhauled Apple TV interface brings handy shortcuts to a sidebar menu
  2. 3 Best-Reviewed Smart TV's, to Get the Content You Want

    Industry News
    Want Netflix, YouTube and other Internet content on your TV? Buy one of these. Watching content from the Internet on your TV is a great way to go. With a wide selection and the world at your fingertips, it’s an obvious choice. To get it all to work though, the majority of us are still...
  3. Viewers in Western Canada Can Watch Netflix on Shaw’s BlueSky TV With Simple Voice Commands

    Industry News
    You no longer have to source your shows on multiple platforms to get all the episodes you want. Do you love binge-watching your shows? The weekend is here, and many viewers will be tuning into subscription-based services like Netflix. But sometimes all the episodes you’re searching for aren’t...
  4. 4 Things to Know About Original Shows Coming to Facebook

    Industry News
    Earlier this spring, Facebook announced that it has begun creating its own video entertainment, and will soon be bringing users shows, available exclusively on the social media platform. Will it be just like Netflix? The short answer is, no. But maybe sort of. Here are 4 things to know about...
  5. Rogers' Offer of Free Netflix Premium Plan for One Year Ends October 31st

    Industry News
    For a limited time only, new and existing customers who sign on with Rogers can get the Netflix Premium Plan free for one year. New customers who sign up before October 31 st , 2016 and bundle a Share Everything TM plan with TV, Internet, and Home Phone service can enjoy the offer. Existing...
  6. Shows Coming this Fall on shomi, Netflix, and CraveTV

    Industry News
    September brings a new season of shows to viewers in Canada, including returning series and new entertainment. Here is a listing of shows coming to viewers this fall on Shomi Netflix and CraveTV: Show returning this fall, include Modern Family, The Blacklist, The Last Man on Earth, and New...
  7. MTS is Offering Manitobans Direct Access to Netflix

    Industry News
    Earlier this month, Manitoba’s full-service telecommunications provider announced that customers are now able to access Netflix, the world’s leading Internet TV network, directly on MTS Ultimate TV. MTS is the only television provider in Manitoba to offer the streaming service on set-top boxes...
  8. Canadians Will Soon No Longer Be Able to Access American Netflix

    Industry News
    Like watching American Horror Story, or Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix? Live in Canada? Bad news. Soon, you will no longer be able to hack into the US version of the entertainment streaming service, according to Netflix. states that as many as one-third of Canadian Netflix...
  9. Crave TV is Now Available to all Canadians with Internet

    Industry News
    Crave TV , Bell Media’s pay television video on demand service is now available to all Canadians with Internet service. It’s a low-cost deal coming in at $7.99 a month to subscribe, with a one month free trial currently available for new users. TV customers that already have service with Bell...
  10. Direct Netflix Access Now Here For All Bell Fibe and FibeOP TV Subscribers

    Industry News
    Canada’s largest communications company has just brightened the day for Netflix fans by announcing that Bell Fibe TV and Bell Aliant FibreOP TV subscribers can now access their Netflix accounts directly from their existing TV receivers. Great news. All Fibe TV receivers have been automatically...
  11. Rogers Set to Introduce Live 4K TV with HDR

    Industry News
    Rogers has announced that it is launching 4K ready gigabit internet speeds, a new 4K set top box, Rogers 4K TV and the world's largest commitment to live broadcasting in 4K with HDR. Exciting news for customers yearning for great entertainment. According to Rogers President and CEO, Guy...
  12. Netflix Competitor CraveTV to be Offered to All Internet Users in Canada

    Industry News
    BCE’s CraveTV has announced that it will be making the Internet-streaming TV service available to all Internet users in Canada at the beginning of 2016. BCE’s Chief Executive Officer, George Cope, said the company's streaming service will expand its base of household targets from 3.5 million to...
  13. Netflix - 'House of Cards' Season 3

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    'House of Cards' Season Three to Premiere February 27, 2015
  14. Netflix Adds New Countries! Good News or Bad?

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    Hey all, Netflix has just launched in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Austria and they say they will spend $3 billion to produce unique European content. Do you think these new regions will have unique movies/tv shows not available in Canada?
  15. Hemlock Grove

    What's On Television?
    Is anybody else following Hemlock Grove on Netflix? After seeing the previews lately on regular TV, I decided to have a look. It is a strange program. I can say it took me at least 4 episodes to get into it. I guess their catch phrase "Every demons have a demon" holds true. What I like is...
  16. Apple TV Latest Firmware Issues (With NetFlix)

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    Since the last Apple TV update 6.1 it appears that Netflix is only outputting stereo for movies and shows that should be in Dolby Digital 5.1 I have confirmed this behavior on my Apple TV 3. From reading various Apple TV discussion forums this problem has been reported by many users and...
  17. Streaming Netflix etc to my TV

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    I am going to buy a Samsung series 6300 TV with smarthub. I have Shaw high speed internet with wifi about 20 ft away and will put in a Shaw Gateway system. I would like to know if I can simply stream Netflix or whatever to the TV without any other equipment. I have read reviews, some find doing...
  18. Changing the DNS on the Bell Turbo Hub (Cellular)

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    I am trying to install a Roku to use US-Netflix. My Bell Turbo Hub (Netgear MBR1210 router) does not seem to have an obvious place to modify the DNS associated with the Wireless Broadband port. As I can't change the DNS on the Roku, I have no choice but to change it on the router. Any...
  19. Setting up Roku for US Netflix

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    Okay, I am getting very frustrated. I am not sure if it's the order in which I set things up or how, but here goes: About two years ago, I set up a Netflix free trial. I live in Canada and I guess my free trial was Canadian. Didn't have the bandwidth for it, so after the free trial, I didn't...
  20. Netflix problem on Sony blu-ray S370

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Hi, We have a Sony blu-ray player, model S370. We've been using it for Netflix, but it's been messed up for a few months now. The show listings on the sony are completely messed up. Searches don't find shows that are supposed to be there (which we can see on our computers), shows that do...