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  1. Spotify vs Apple Music

    Industry News
    If you’re a music fan you, having access to a streaming service is close to being a must these days-but there is so much to choose from. Spotify vs Apple Music- which is better?   There are more than a few services on the market and each has its own way of doing things. Two of the most...
  2. 2013 All Christmas Music Format Roundup

    AM/ FM, Internet Radio and Music Industry
    First out of the gate: WTSS 102.5 FM & HD1 Buffalo NY WJYE 96.1 FM & HD1 Buffalo NY Next? :-)
  3. Holiday Channels on SiriusXM

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio Holiday Channels on SiriusXM - Starts November 14, 2011.
  4. iTunes Store 90 second song previews now available in Canada

    Home Computing
    Apple introduced 90 second song previews to its US iTunes Store back in December 2010 and is now rolling it out internationally. You can now listen to a 90 second (1:30 minutes) preview of songs over 150 seconds (2:30 minutes) in the Canadian iTunes Store. Now I finally won't have to troll the...
  5. UK firm acquires HMV Canada for $3.2 million

    Industry News
    Hilco UK, a British firm which specializes in restructuring ailing retailers, has purchased HMV Canada from the UK's HMV Group plc. for 2.05 million British pounds, approximately $3.2 million Canada. The announcement comes almost three months after the firm was first reported to be up for sale...
  6. Rdio now available on Sonos (like Spotify)

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Beginning today, Sonos customers in the United States and Canada can sign up to the Rdio service for $9.99 per month. Created by Skype founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, Rdio's says its library has more than eight million songs including content from the four major record labels (Sony...
  7. Whole Home Audio with the Sonos Music System

    Industry News
    If you are a music lover then over the years, you’ve probably longed for the ability to listen to music throughout your entire home or perhaps the ability to play different music in different rooms of your home. In the marketplace today, there are a numerous home audio systems which use a...
  8. HMV online music store now out of beta

    Industry News
    Canada's largest traditional retailer of music, HMV Canada has announced that its online music store, hmvdigital, is now officially launched after seven months in beta. The company says it is now offering over five million songs in the MP3 format, the majority encoded at 320 kbps, and free of...
  9. Shaw basic... +t1 +t2 +t3 +music for free?

    Shaw Cable
    Recently noticed the changes to the channel line-up last couple weeks. I subscribe to the most basic, 2-13 & YTV & Much basically. At first I thought they just changed the numbers around, then I finally broke and forced an auto-scan on my Sony Bravia. 'super wicked dude..' now I have all basic...
  10. Eleven new concerts added to HDNet series

    Industry News
    Specialty television network HDNet has announced it will be kicking off its spring HD concert series this Sunday which includes popular bands like the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Green Day and Jack Johnson. The musical concert series, shot in high definition, will air every Sunday at 8pm...
  11. Galaxie Music Web Site Relaunched

    AM/ FM, Internet Radio and Music Industry
    I visited a few days ago and noticed they now have a 24 hour history of the songs played on the various music channels they supply to TV providers. They had stopped showing the data on their web site a while ago. I'm quite impressed with the new layout. You can select your...
  12. Any Canadian Free Music Streaming Sites (legal)

    AM/ FM, Internet Radio and Music Industry
    It's a bit tough being Canadian. Americans have Pandora and Rhapsody. Europeans now have Spotify. I'm trying to find a site where you can legally listen to recorded music of your choice. Anyone know of any such sites that allow Canadian IPs?
  13. help, why do stations play the music they do?

    AM/ FM, Internet Radio and Music Industry
    We have a station here in Edmonton called Sonic and when they first debuted on air im guessing they were given some sort of temporary or provisional license and they just played music (with no ads) and had no dj's or hosts at that point. There was something unique about the music they were...
  14. Music Industry must adopt a "Digital First" Strategy says Gartner

    Portable Electronics: Cameras/eBooks/iPods/GPS
    In a report entitled “Christmas 2008: The Last Year of the Retail CD”, research firm Gartner concludes that in the next year, the music industry must move away from the retail CD as its primary revenue generator and focus on online distribution.