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  1. MTS
    Lighting Speed Increase? Over the past couple of days I have noticed my Lighting connection is running at speeds which would closely match those of the MAX plan however I have not requested any change. I do have Ultimate tv service. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a similar change.
  2. MTS
    Hello, I've got the MTS Ultimate TV service with PVR. I was wondering how much bandwidth the TV service uses when all of the streams are in use. I'm asking it because we are thinking of upgrading our Internet connection, and some plans shares the bandwidth between the TVs and everything else...
  3. MTS
    I am wondering how much bandwidth MTS offers for their Light and Lightning internet plans. I can't seem to find that anywhere on their website. Thanks.
  4. MTS
    WINNIPEG, Sept. 18 Pricing (unbundled) Lightning Bolt (32 Mbps shared) $94.95 Lightning Super MAX (25 Mbps dedicated) $99.95 Free installation, modem included, bundle discounts start at $10 and increase depending on the...
  5. MTS
    I noticed over the past few weeks that MTS internet speeds seem to have increased, so I poked around the MTS site and found this page: Here are the download speeds: Lightning.......Old 5 Mbps ... New 7 Mbps Lightning Max Old 9 Mbps ... New 10...
  6. MTS
    I'm in south Winnipeg (Fort Garry) and have MTS TV + DSL on the same line using the RG2200 gateway. When I signed up I told them I wanted the lightning max package (up to 7,000 kbps) but they told me I'd need another phone line for this. I decided it wasn't worth the hassle and went with the "up...
  7. MTS
    I did the following speed test to see if MTS throttled during torrent downloads. It seems to Me that they are tell me what you think, BEFORE OPENING "BITLORD" AFTER OPENING "BITLORD" AND JUST TO BE SURE I DID IT AGAIN AND AGAIN IMMEDIATELY AFTER CLOSING "BITLORD" This is on MTS's...
1-7 of 7 Results