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  1. Bell TV to replace 240,000 HD satellite receivers

    Industry News
    In a national bulletin to dealers, Bell Satellite TV has announced that, beginning later this month, it will be replace all of the MPEG-2 HD satellite receivers currently in use with MPEG 4 HD receivers. Once the swap is complete, it will allow Bell to make the migration of all HD programming...
  2. Shaw Direct says no to MPEG-4 until launch of Anik G1

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    In a notice posted on its website on Thursday, Shaw Broadcast Services has confirmed what many Digital Home readers had already suspected. Shaw will not convert any existing MPEG-2 signals to MPEG-4 until the launch of the Anik G1 satellite at the end of 2012. The announcement is significant...
  3. Anik G1 satellite to launch in November 2012

    Industry News
    While releasing its latest financial results, Shaw Communications confirmed today that it expects its Direct-to-Home satellite service, Shaw Direct, to have a third satellite - Anik G1 - in space by November 2012. Anik G1 will join Anik F1 and F2 which have been used to beam Shaw Direct signals...
  4. CRTC demands will cost satellite TV subscribers millions of dollars

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    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) this week announced that it will be forcing Bell TV and Shaw Direct to add a slew of additional stations to their Direct-to-Home (DTH) subscription satellite television service. Under existing policy, Bell TV and Shaw Direct...