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  1. A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    This is for a home stereo system that has worked well for more than 10 years. Sony 400 disc megastorage jukebox going into a middle-of-the-road NAD 340 amplifier to my Cambridge Soundworks speakers with sub-woofer. The Sony player is on death's doorstep. The carousel spins around and around...
  2. Industry News
    Canada's largest traditional retailer of music, HMV Canada announced yesterday that it had opened its own online music store. The company says it will offer over a million songs in the MP3 format, free of any copyright protection. Digital Home visited the site in order to compare HMV's...
  3. Portable Electronics: Cameras/eBooks/iPods/GPS
    In a report entitled “Christmas 2008: The Last Year of the Retail CD”, research firm Gartner concludes that in the next year, the music industry must move away from the retail CD as its primary revenue generator and focus on online distribution.
1-3 of 3 Results